Thursday, October 4th

  • Parent Teacher Conferences! Grades have been updated! Check JMC, Check no-name folder!


Covered “A Light to the Nations.” Recapped the book of Exodus.

Homework: Chapter 6 Vocab (6 words) and read Chapter 6, sections 1 & 2


Turned in our Case Study over the characters of the Breakfast Club. Began construction over the Brain Helmet. Notes over Unit 3 The Brain begins tomorrow!

homework: construct the brain  helmet (color, cut, and paste! )



Wednesday, October 3rd


Completed The Prince of Egypt movie.

Homework: complete the Exodus Scramble WS, read Chapter 5, sections 3 & 4 


Finished The Breakfast Club movie

Homework: complete project (Breakfast Club Analysis.) 


Monday, October 1st


Began The Prince of Egypt. As much as i’d love to be able to read the book of Exodus and discuss the highs and lows, we honestly don’t have time! 😦 It’s tough to compact a semester long class into 9 weeks.) We are watching the movie, and I will fill-in-the-blanks of what the movie is lacking when we cover our Chapter 5 notes.)

Homework: work on The Joseph Packet (due Wed.)- this packet teaching how the Israelites ended up in Egypt 


Begin the Breakfast Club.

Homework: start working on the Breakfast Club Analysis. (due Thursday) 

Thursday, August 30th


We finished the presentations and our notes over Chapter 1.

Homework: reach Chapter 2, section 1 and begin Chapter 2 Vocab (due Tuesday- we did not have enough time in class to begin this assignment- will talk about the expectations for it tomorrow.)


Students had time to work on their “Help Wanted” Ad and gather information about the career in psychology that they chose.

Homework: work on Help Wanted Ad. 

Wednesday, August 29th


Students were given the first thirty minutes of class to develop a picture representation of their characteristic, and to find out a Fun Fact about their partner. The first five groups began their presentations ( we will continue them tomorrow.)

Homework: read Chapter 1, section 3 & 4 


We covered Psychology as a profession, talking about the differences between a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist.

Homework: come to class with a career in psychology in mind. 

Tuesday, August 28th


Students worked with their partners to gather three facts about their assigned characteristic of the Church.

Homework: make sure you have three facts (two from textbook, one from YOUCAT)


We discussed the “Roots” and a few modern approaches to Psychology (will continue tomorrow)

Homework: none 🙂