January 10th, 2014 Even Day

Students were instructed to staple their “Approaches to Psychology” graphic organizer to their lecture notes(this assignment was not collected.) Lecture covered “Contemporary Approaches to Psychology.” (We got through #14 on the Study Guide.)
We had an in-class activity worksheet aimed at practicing their knowledge on the different psychological approaches to explain behavior. Students were allowed to work together for this worksheet, but they could not have the same answers.
Homework: the “Guided Practice-Contemporary Approaches” WS (if you did not finish this activity in class), read pages 11-15 and complete the “Self Test” #s 1-9.

Freshmen Religion:
I collected their signed syllabus and Chap. 1 Vocab. Students got into groups and brainstormed their ideas about “Faith.” Each group was given photos that they had to describe what was happening in them and say how the people were showing their faith. After sharing their ideas with the class- the group came up with different characteristics of faith. I covered a few lecture notes (we got through #2 on the Chapter 1 study guide.)
Homework: Complete “Where are you in your Faith” Worksheet and write 5 things you can do (this semester) to build your faith. Be specific and choose realistic ideas.


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