January 14, 2014 Even Day

Students turned in their “Careers in Psychology Worksheet.” We covered the different types of psychological research and correlations in research. (We got through #19 on study guide.)
Homework: Read pages 30-35 in textbook and complete the “Analyzing Correlations” worksheet.

Freshmen Religion:
I collected the “Where is your Faith” Worksheet. We began class with a “Building Your Faith” activity: students wrote three ideas that we could do, in class, to help strengthen our faith, onto red bricks. The idea is that, each time we meet, we will pick three of these “bricks” out of a box and complete the task written on it. We covered “How Jesus Sees our Faith” notes (we got through #7 on the study guide.)
Homework: read Chapter 1-sections 3 & 4, complete page 28 “Understanding” section #s 1-14


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