January 16th Day 2

Thought for the Day:
“Don’t interpret another person’s kindness as weakness”
It takes the strongest people to stand up for others. 🙂

I collected the “Identifying Controls and Variables- Sesame Street” WS. We covered notes on the Ethics of Human & Animal Research and the use of deception in research. We watched a video about the famous “Milgram’s Experiment” and talked about why it was unethical.Video:

Homework:Use this list for assignment: Top Ten Unethical Experiments Students should complete the “Unethical Experiments” graphic organizer using this website. For more information on “The Monster Study” conducted here, in Davenport, Iowa. Click here: New York Times: The Monster Study

Students turned in their Chapter 1 Review -page 28 (1-14). The topic of the day was “Faith as a Relationship” and “Where our Faith is Taking Us?” We ended the lecture with reading the Parable of the Sower and Seed (Mark 4:1-20) and discussing the symbolism in the story. We watched this video:

Homework: Complete the “Parable of the Sower” WS. (You will find 3 tasks in the “Reflection” section of the assignment.) The second task is to write your own parable using the different symbolic terms we defined in the parable we read in class. In your own parable you need to represent the following: God, the Word, the devil, and the 4 different types of people. Extra Credit will be offered to those willing to present their parable to the class.


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