January 21st Day 4

Thought of the Day:
“Work on your ability to give: a healing look, a healing word, or, an act of service.”

Students began their Research Project today. The task for today was to complete their “pre-research decisions.” Complete the research graphic organizer and come to class with the materials needed for their research study.
Homework: Complete pre-research decisions and procedures section of graphic organizer (see Psychology Unit 1 Assessment for details)

The topic today was “Faith is more than a Conviction.” Students had the opportunity (for extra credit) to present the parables they wrote last class (following the same ideas from the Parable of the Sower.)The parable project brought together the ideas of Chapter 1; faith is more than just believing- it also take discipleship. We completed the Chapter 1 Study guide and will begin Chapter 2 next class.
Homework: Read Chapter 2 Section 1 and complete Chapter 2 Vocab.


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