Monday, Feb. 3rd: Day 1

Thought of the Day: Consider signing up for the upcoming TEC Retreat!
TEENS ENCOUNTER CHRIST (TEC) WEEKEND – FEBRUARY 15-17:Assumption students are encouraged to sign up for the Saturday through Monday “Teens Encounter Christ” (TEC) Retreat sponsored by the Davenport Diocese! The event will be held Feb 15-17, 2014. Any junior or senior in the diocese is encouraged to sign up (application can be found as an attachment). TEC will be held at St. Joseph’s parish in Dewitt. It can be an incredible three days to build upon one’s faith, form friendships that last a lifetime, and, most importantly, allow teens the opportunity to strengthen their relationship with Jesus and the church. It would be most helpful to have applications turned in by Wednesday, February 5…although no teen will be turned away! Contact Youth Minister, Tommy Fallon, for questions or more information @ 563-391-5206.

Today we began Unit 2: Developmental Psychology (we got through # 5 on the Unit 2 Study Guide.) We talked about what Developmental Psychology is and what it can be applied to. We discussed newborn physical development and their development of language. We were able to look at the studies done with language acquisition and the abilities of apes.
Below is the full documentary that I was talking about in class (about Koko the gorilla:)

Homework: Complete the “Piaget’s Stages of Development Graphic Organizer” and red pages 57-77 in your Textbook

Freshmen Religion:
Our topic today was “Jesus Shows us the Way.” We began by discussing and reviewing how the different disciples were called to follow and help Jesus with his mission. We worked together on the the “Disciple Report” worksheet. We paid special attention to the call of Matthew and the explanation The Kingdom by Jesus. (We finished section three of their Study Guide.)
Homework: Finish the “Disciple Report” worksheet (we did three of them together in-class) and “The Kingdom of God” worksheet (this worksheet is printed on the back.) Students should also begin studying and making flashcards for their Chapter 1 & 2 Test (which will be on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.)


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