Monday, March 24th

The topic of the ay was Sensation: The Eye
Students has a sub today and covered the notes through packet #11
Homework: finish reading the section over Sensations

We began Chapter 5: Understanding Ourselves [in a relationship with God]
Students covered notes over Section 1: Created in God’s Image
Homework: Journal Writing- Seeing the Image of God in Other People (see below for explanation)

“Dignity is defined as “the quality of being worthy of respect or esteem; inherent worth.”

Write a portrait of the person for whom you have the most respect. Share reasons why you especially esteem this person. (See the qualities of Jesus in them!- aka positive attributes/characteristics) Challenge* – choose someone you don’t always see eye-to-eye with ~Logistics: Write at least ten qualities – ½ page- two paragraphs(5-7 sentences each)


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