Wed. Aug 20th

*Don’t forget, tomorrow is a mass schedule. Please dress appropriately (it will probably be very warm in the auditorium!)


Students were introduced to the basic definition of psychology and a general explanation of what the field of psychology is all about. I gave them very brief history of mental illnesses and the progress made in the field.
Homework:read pages 11-15 in your textbook and complete the “Approaches to Psychology” Graphic Organizer.

Today, students became familiar with the YOUCAT (the Youth Catechism.) We discussed what Characteristics were and how certain ones pertained to being a Christian. Students were given their Chapter 1 Note packet (which should be in their Religion binders!) Each pair of students was given a characteristic to look up (they could use their books, the YOUCAT, or if necessary, the internet.) After finding information about their characteristic, and writing it down on their notes, they had time to draw a picture representation of their Characteristic.
Homework: Read pages 8-13 (Chapter 1, Section 2) of your textbook. Complete partner activity and be ready to present your Characteristic tomorrow in class.


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