Friday, Sept. 19th

Monday begins the Homecoming Week festivities!!! The theme for Monday is “Twin Day” students are advised to wear comfortable clothes for the tug-of-war and over-under tournaments!

**First period religion students should bring items to decorate the classroom door for the Homecoming Door Decorating Contest on Monday!

**Fourth period religion- wear “gripping” socks!!!! (Socks cannot have holes in them, do not go out and buy new socks for this- you can “make” grip socks by taking an old pair of socks and putting glue dots on the bottom- make sure to let them dry completely

We began class with the Moral Dilemma Activity. Students were asked to answer a number of questions able a guy names Heinz. We then covered notes and completed the Moral Development Graphic Organizer

Homework: based on the answers given in the Dilemma activity, students should decipher which level and stage of moral development they are in (make sure to answer “why?”)

Today we talked about the four senses of scripture and how to use them to decipher the meaning of a particular passage in the Bible.
Homework: read Chapter 4, section 4 and complete the Chapter 4 Review (Understanding Section) on page 118 (#s 1-16)


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