Wednesday, August 26th


Today, we talked about how we can’t simply rest on our beliefs but we must choose to use them to become a disciple. Students were assigned (in pairs) a Characteristic of being  Christian to “teach the class” the following day. Students had most of the class period to work with their partner to come up with three facts about their assigned characteristic and draw a representation of it (step 1.) Step two includes meeting their partner, and discovering one fact about them- so that when they present their Characteristic (tomorrow and Friday) they can introduce them to the class. Students will have a few minutes tomorrow, at the beginning of class to regroup and prepare to present.

Homework: Make sure you have your 3 facts and your picture representation complete.


We continued learning about the different approaches in contemporary psychology. Students watched a “warp up” introduction video to finish class.

Homework: read pages 11-15; complete the “Applying Contemporary Approaches” Worksheet


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