Monday, Oct. 17th


**Final is next Wednesday over Chapters 7 & 8- students can use note card (standard 3×5 back and front) on the final if they bring in: two can goods for Student Hunger Drive OR any unopened school supply OR a box of tissue

*students will need to turn in their textbook on Wednesday

*starting on Thursday they begin their ONLINE faith seminar- an email will be sent out early next week instructing them how to sign-in

*10 service hours are due by November 30th

Shortened schedule today- due to speaker

*****Quarter ends on Wednesday*****

**Students will make the Classroom-Online Faith Seminar Switch


Work day- In-Class Extra Credit Opportunity and Note card Day (don’t forget- if you would like to use a note card on the test you will need to bring two items for student hunger drive or an unopened school supply or a box of tissue)

Homework:study for final over Chapter 7 & 8 (test Wed.)


finished movie and turned in Brain Helmet

Homework: none.


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