Tuesday, January 3rd


9th Religion : 

Syllabus Day! Students were given the new textbook, Spring Syllabus, and Chapter 1 notes. We covered the three important websites for the semester (see below), importance of service hours, and classroom expectations.

Son of the Living God Textbook Website password that works (shhh don’t tell):EX5XLQKB

****make sure the background of the website is green- like your textbook! if it is the brown background you are in the website of the Fall semester book (try logging out and using the password code found above- not the saved one from first semester)

Service Hour Website

****you will need 10 hours for the Spring Semester Faith Seminar (Canvas) class – these hours do not “roll-over” from last Semester. If you need the new Canvas book- please come see me

Homework: Complete Chapter 1 Vocab  (7 words) and Read Chapter 1, section 1 (pages 5-9)


Welcome/Syllabus Day.

We covered the syllabus and did an In-Class Activity (Set the Record Straight worksheet)

Homework: cover book, get binder


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