Fall Semester Religion Worksheets

*Students can sign-on to the website listed on the front cover of their textbook (and use the password, also found on the inside of the cover) for access to quizzes, notes, vocabulary practice, and videos pertaining to the class:

Chapter 1:

Getting To Know You
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
Historical-Critical Approach WS
How to Find Scripture
Intro to the Bible -navigating the graphic organizer WS
Is Scripture True? Truths Found in the Bible
Literary Forms WS
New Testament Bookshelf Graphic Organizer
Hebrew Scriptures Bookshelf Graphic Organizer
What is the Bible? Graphic Organizer
What is the Bible Brochure Project
Chapter 4:
The Father of our Faith
Chapter 5:
First Story of Creation Worksheet
Second Story of Creation WS
Comparing Creation Stories
Conflict in Human Family WS
Exodus Scramble
Exodus and Desert Wanderings WS
Grumbling WS
Joseph Genesis WS
Joseph Genesis WS 2
Joseph Genesis WS 3
Chapter 6:
Old Testament Prophecies
Paul Crossword
Paul’s Letter In-Class Activity
Chapter 7:


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