Wednesday, September 20th

*Fire drill during 4th period


We read the story of Jonah and the Whale and used Biblical Criticism to dissect the story, while looking for the Truths.

Homework: Chapter 4 Vocab (9 words) and reach Chapter 4, sections 1 & 2


Covered notes over Emotional Development and the work of Harry Harlow (watched video)

Homework: none 🙂


Wednesday, September 13th


Began Chapter 3: The Bible. Covered the connection between Tradition and Scripture. (filled out sections 1 notes.)

Homework: complete Introduction to the Bible worksheet (using the four graphic organizers at the end of the note packet.) Read Chapter 3, section 2 


We begin Unit 2 Notes: Developmental Psychology. Defined Developmental Psychology and bean neonatal development.

Homework: research paper due Friday!