Thursday, February 2nd

*Shortened periods due to The CSW All Schools Mass * 1st and 4th periods will have a sub

9th Religion:

Began the movie The Young Messiah to ponder the question “When did Jesus know he was something more?” 

Homework: read Chapter 4, section 3 


Began watching Genie: The Wild Child ; to look at the effects of abuse on development

Homework: none 🙂 

Wednesday, February 1st

9th Religion:

We began Chapter 4: The Historical Jesus

Students presented the information from the historical figure they researched that mentioned Jesus.

Homework: read Chapter 4, section 2 


We covered Moral Development

Homework: look at your answers to Heinz’s Dilemma from yesterday, on the back of the activity worksheet- write what stage you are in (based on your answers) and why

Tuesday, January 31st

**Reminder there is Adoration in the Chapel all day and confession in the Chapel after school

9th Religion:

topic of the day was Historical Figures- students were to research one of four historians that wrote about Jesus.

Homework: Complete Chapter 4 Vocab and reach Chapter 4, section 1. 


Heinz Dilemma Activity

Homework: bring activity handout to class (completed) tomorrow 

Monday, January 30th

Happy Catholic Schools Week!

**Shortened periods due to Dodge-ball for Diapers Tournament

9th Religion:

Project workday. (due tomorrow.)

Homework: Finish project & complete Chapter 3 Review (1-16) pg 58 **I warned you last Friday to work on Project over the weekend since this would be assigned on Monday!!!


Cover Erik Erikson’s Psycho-social Development

Homework: none