Psychology Worksheets

Listed by Unit:


Set the Record Straight

Unit 1- History, Approaches, Research, & Ethics
Psych Approach Graphic Organizer
Guided Practice contemporary approaches

Help Wanted Poster
Careers in Psychology Worksheet
Correlation and Research Methods
correlations – analyzing
scientific method practice
independent-dependent practice
Seseme Street Controls and Variables
Top Ten Unethical Research Experiments
Research Project Documents:
Psychology Unit 1 Assessment 2014
Design your own rubric
Design your own guidelines
Research organizer

Unit 2- Developmental Psychology
PiagetGraphic Organizer
Schema Practice
Playing the Piaget Way_2
EriksonGraphic Organizer
Kohlberg Dilemma
KohlbergGraphic Organizer
The Bem Sex Role Inventory
Breakfast Club WS
Study Guide for Development Test

Unit 3- The Brain
Brain Anatomy
hemispheres worksheet
parts of the brain

Unit 4- Sensation and Perception
Sensation & Perception WS
Perceptual Illusions Worksheet
Anatomy labeling

Unit 5- Motivation and Emotion
theories of motivation graphic organizer
biological-social motive continuum
intrinsic-extrinsic motivation worksheet
maslows hierarchy analysis

Unit 6- Learning
classical conditioning practice
schedules of reinforcement ws
operant conditioning practice
Classical vs operant conditioning WS

Unit 7- Personality
personality theories – graphic organizer
personality theories practice
defense mechanism practice matching1
Cat in the Hat Analysis
Birth Order
My personality is…f
Personality Assessment Activity spring 2013

Unit 8- Psychological Disorders – Simulation (need headphones)
axis chart – psychological disorders student
good will hunting analysis\
list of movies with disorders
psychological disorder video assignment

*Worksheets labeled as “practice” are not always collected- but covered in-class to ensure understanding (we often take side notes on these)


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