Spring Semester Religion Worksheets

Listed by Chapter:

Chapter 1:
Where is your faith? WS Answer questions from post on the back.
Elements of Faith WS
Project: Parable of the Sower WS Make sure you define your terms in your parable and write an original parable using these terms. Please use this sheet to create your parable (directions on original worksheet): Create your own parable

Chapter 2:

Chapter 1 & 2 Extra Credit Vocab Practice
The Incarnation
Call of the Disciples WS
Kingdom of God WS
Project: Attributes of God Project

Chapter 3:
God As the Father
The Lord’s Prayer Reflection
God as the Son
God as the Holy Spirit
gifts of the Holy Spirit
Project:How to Make Lemonade from Lemons

Chapter 4:
Who is Jesus pop quiz!
historical sources
Actualization WS
Jesus in the Gospels
Miracles performed by Jesus

Chapter 5:
Call to Holiness
Examination of Conscience

Chapter 6:
The Commandments Reexamined
Interpreting the Beatitudes
Holy Week

Chapter 7:
Mary’s YesEvangelization


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